The challenge

We were approached by the owner of high-end Scandinavian furniture boutique Funktionalley and asked if we could build a full-function, custom-designed e-commerce site that he could afford!

We understand the pressures of cash flow management placed on small businesses and were able to offer him an interest free monthly payment option which the business could manage easily. Needless to say, our offer was accepted.

The process

Extremely high quality imagery and a clean look was seen as very important to the Funktionalley team, so we took the time required to create something that customers with an eye for detail and a great sense for design would appreciate.

We worked, as always, with open source software so the client was never ‘tied-in’ to a bespoke e-commerce engine and really felt that they ‘owned’ the site in its entirety – which they do. This is something we feel strongly about, as we want all our customers to have the freedom of choice.

Being able to update the site themselves was seen as really important to the team at ‘funk’, so we provided training on how to use the site’s Content Management System (CMS) and e-commerce functionality.

The package was rounded off with an email marketing template and training on how to use the email distribution software we provided, giving the client the means to market their new site to existing customers.

The results

We delivered a beautiful, full-function, editable e-commerce site using the latest Magento platform which started processing online orders from brand new customers immediately.

The team at Funktionalley still work with us on new projects including developing their digital strategy, SEO and Email marketing. The site goes from strength to strength as more content and improved functions are added, and the cash flow looks better than ever!


“I had quite a lot of experience of trading online, but our existing site was holding the business back badly.   Thanks to the work Airbrand did for us, we’ve now got a sales channel that works 24/7, something that small businesses really need. We are absolutely delighted with what they’ve done, and would happily recommend Airbrand to anyone, large or small. They’ll make it work for you.”

Phil Craske, Owner, Funktionalley

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